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What Is the Nexcess Cloud Accelerator?

The Nexcess Cloud Accelerator is an abstraction layer that sits in front of the cloud stack to significantly speed up load times. It is powered by NGINX, a high-performance web server responsible for managing static content (MicroCache).

Why Use the Cloud Accelerator?

The Nexcess Cloud Accelerator adds unparalleled performance and capacity to your hosting solution.

What Is a MicroCache?

A MicroCache is a repository of non-personalized, static content. This can include elements such as images and JavaScript.
A MicroCache keeps this content cached in memory so it can be re-served quickly.
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Asset Caching

Static asset caching is a necessity for high-performance application delivery. Because of this, the Nexcess Cloud application stack was engineered to leverage NGINX. Nginx is an open-source, high-performance HTTP server. We position NGINX in front of your application and configure it to perform short-lived caching, in-memory, of frequently used assets. This provides near-instance delivery to your end-users. When your assets need to come from disk, we serve them up on redundant arrays of Solid State Disks.
Tech Specs:
Nginx with SSL termination, HTTP/2, Gzip compression & Bad bot management


Decrease page load time across your site or eCommerce store.


Manage more concurrent users without needing to upgrade.


The Cloud Accelerator is enabled by default or can be turned off and on with 1-click in the Client Portal.

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