Free website migration services

You shouldn’t have to work hard to migrate your site. That’s our job. Transfer your hosting with experienced, dedicated professionals.
How to migrate

What are website migration services?

Website migration services move your website to a new hosting provider. For many, migrating to a new host seems risky and difficult.

Migration made easy

Nexcess provides premium migrations for every customer, no matter how large or complicated your site is. Our services match your software version, keep your data intact, and provide a testing environment for your peace of mind.

TLDR; We do it right the first time. And we do it better than most hosts.

  • Free
    No need to worry about budget – our migration services are 100% free and managed by a team of dedicated experts
  • Fast
    Once you request your migration, our experts waste no time helping you to transfer your site and get online
  • Minimal downtime
    Nexcess website migration services involve minimal downtime, making your switch seamless

Free migrations + up to $1,000 in hosting

Get up to $1,000 toward free premium hosting with our contract buyout program

What to expect from our website migration services

In-house experts move your site with exceptional service, keeping you in the loop every step of the way

  • Full-service
    Nexcess can migrate supported software, databases, files, code, content, domains, customer information, ecommerce data, and so much more
  • Free premium support
    Our 24/7/365 support starts the moment you choose Nexcess. Our experts respond to your questions and concerns immediately.
  • Proven process
    Nexcess specialists follow a detailed checklist that addresses your site’s unique features. Every detail is thoroughly tested for your review.
  • Robust security
    Enterprise-grade security is built into your Nexcess hosting. Our pros identify any security vulnerabilities.
  • 100% worry-free
    Nexcess keeps your website data and settings safe. In fact, we can fix previously botched migrations from other hosting providers.
  • Faster speeds
    Built on the most powerful application stack in the industry, your site loads faster and works better, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel

Types of website migration services

At Nexcess, we provide premium-quality lift and shift migrations. But, we are happy to help with refactoring and replatforming.


Most common among providers like Bluehost and GoDaddy

Also known as “self-service migration,” a computer program or plugin copies and pastes your content

Lift and shift

Also known as “re-hosting,” a lift and shift migration transfers your current site data without any changes. Same URLs, no code updates.


Also known as “lift, tinker and shift,” replatforming upgrades your application without changing your architecture


Refactoring includes significant code and application updates. It is used when a website has grown beyond its backend.

Host your CMS of choice

Craft CMS

How to start a Nexcess website migration

  • 1
    Once your Nexcess services are activated, visit and log in
  • 2
    Click on “Support” in the left-hand navigation and then click the “Request Migration” button in the upper right section of the screen
  • 3
    Follow the three-step migration form, click “Submit,” and our specialists will contact you with additional details and scheduling
If you get stuck, you can call, email or livechat our support team at any time

Here’s what happens next

Our specialists will reach out to address your questions or concerns before we begin

  • Initial sync
    We review your site’s data and special requests to identify potential hurdles. Our scope of data includes supported software versions, PHP versions, configurations, server data, DNS settings, credentials, and SSH keys.
  • Testing review
    We test the initial sync. We enable caching, DNS, email boxes, and any additional requests. You and your team review your website to make sure it’s exactly the way you like it.
  • Final sync
    We make requested changes and move everything into your new destination database. Nexcess verifies links, caching, images, cart, checkout, DNS, and core configuration.
  • Go live
    Once everything is verified and ready to go, your migration support team will schedule a go-live date at a low-traffic time. All you have to do is point your domain at Nexcess!

Want to learn more?

Download your free copy of our cloud migration ebook now to see every step of the Nexcess migration process

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Nexcess migrations are magic

Worked with Nexcess to migrate from shared to cloud. I was expecting downtime and issues. Not only did they migrate the site seamlessly, but they migrated all my dns settings, many of which were custom. Thanks Nexcess for making the migration seamless! Every step, the team knew what they were doing.
Shan Hemphill, Werkz LLC
Russell was the lead for our migration. He then took it upon himself to comb our site to make sure that when we were ready to re-direct our URL, that our site would be fully operational once it went live. Thanks to Russel's commitment and understanding that we could potentially lose our site and livelihood, he had our site completely ready to go live in a matter of days
Craig Bruce
I needed more storage space and speed. The migration appeared to go smoothly, but after completing the transfer of the database, I noticed some abnormalities in the way some of the products were being displayed. So I turned it over to the technicians at Nexcess who, in turn, escalated the problem solving to a team of senior technicians. They were able to identify the problem within about a half-day. and fixed it in another few hours.
John Francis

Website migration service FAQ

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