Complete malware removal for Nexcess customers

Repair your website with experts you know and trust. For a one-time fee, Nexcess can clean up even the most sophisticated malware attacks.
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77.72% of hacks are malware

And once a vulnerability is detected, malware can take control of your site in less than one hour

Source: Sucuri

96.2% attack WordPress and WooCommerce

Because WordPress is the most popular CMS platform in the world, it is also the most hacked

Source: Sucuri

SMBs are targeted more often

43% of all attacks target small businesses, with long-term costs ranging from $826 to $600,000

Source: Small Business Trends

A browser window shows a malware warning, a line transitions to Nexcess and then to a checkmark

If you’ve been hacked, don’t wait

Pay a one-time fee of $200 for comprehensive malware cleanup. Contact our support team to start your remediation within 24 hours.

Expect more than site repair

Our experts isolate malware, remove it, and help you avoid future exploits

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Full backups

Security hardening

Malicious code removal

Infected plugin removal

Updated themes and plugins

Updated WordPress core

New passwords

Proactive scans and quarantine

Updated salts

Admin audit and removal

Best-practice guidance

Final restoration

Is your site compromised?

Let us do the detective work. Contact us now to order your malware remediation service now.

Nexcess keeps websites secure

My website was hackedMy website was hacked, and Nexcess daily malware scans first warned me, and when checked I noticed my WooCommerce website had been modified probably to steal my users info. Their developer team are the best, restored my old backup, thanks to their 30 days backup policy. Then scanned the whole website once more. And let me know in every step. Thanks for the great help. Really happy working with Nexcess.

- Kenzel on Trustpilot

Thank you Nexcess!Recently, our email was getting rejected as spam. We sorted it out and determined that some bad actor(s) were spoofing our web-address and sending emails with malicious content. We needed our DKIM and SPF records set up. Called our rep at Nexcess and they got right on it. Their mitigation propagated globally and we're good again. :-)

- Clif on Trustpilot

Outstanding customer serviceNexcess has been my go to hosting company for my company websites and clients for the last 10 years. Outstanding customer service and great security, speed and scalability. Highly recommend them

- Elan multimedia on Trustpilot

Malware website removal FAQ

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