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What is autoscaling?

Autoscaling is a feature of cloud computing that automatically allocates resources based on real-time demands and workloads. By automatically scaling resources up or down, performance is consistently responsive, resilient, and budget-friendly.

How does it work?

Autoscaling monitors your website and triggers a scaling event whenever traffic begins to exceed concurrent user capacity. The scaling event dynamically adjusts cloud resources to meet the increased demand. Learn more about PHP processes.

What are the benefits?

Autoscaling helps you save money on resource costs and maintain top performance hassle-free. It works when you need it to work, allowing you to drive more traffic, gather more data, and focus on creating a successful website.
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Avoid 502 errors

If you’re with a host that doesn't offer autoscaling, concurrent users, workloads, or requests can slow down or crash your site. The host may even suspend your service until you upgrade to a more expensive plan.

By dynamically adding more server resources to handle those requests, autoscaling ensures your site stays fast and effective, eliminating the risk of abandonment by potential customers.

Who can use autoscaling?

Autoscaling is automatically configured and enabled in every plan across our managed WordPress, managed WooCommerce, Magento cloud solutions, and flexible cloud hosting. No long term contract or commitment — just effective management for significant traffic that’s ready when you are.

Free autoscaling services

Every site on cloud hosting plans receives 24 hours per month of autoscaling for free. You’ll be notified of your usage when you start, when you hit 12 hours, and then 24 hours. Your account will be reset to zero on the first of the next month. And if at any point you decide you don’t want it automated, you can easily disable it in your Client Portal.

Autoscaling FAQ

Autoscaling is the automatic scaling of cloud resources. Think of it this way … we all know what it’s like to sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic - what could be a simple 15-minute drive turns into a 30-minute (or more) nightmare. The same traffic jams happen to your web server when everyone visits your site at the same time. While significant website traffic is a good problem to have, if you’re not prepared for it, your customer experience can take a turn for the worse. Autoscaling is like having an HOV lane open up for every car in the traffic jam.

Nexcess customers love to scale

My previous supplier was “culling my website traffic.I moved to Nexcess when I started to have speed problems with my previous supplier, my site had grown, and unlike Nexcess who scale, they simply were “culling“ my website traffic. The transfer process was simple … I have not had a single issue with everything running quickly and smoothly.

- Mark Selby on Trustpilot

UnmatchedI host a site on Nexcess with an annual visitor rate of 1.5 million users and the service and quality is unmatched. I love that I can call at any time and get highly informed and caring support.

- Aj on Trustpilot

Nexcess is awesome!Nexcess is the host for our eCommerce website, which currently carries over 100 items. We started with Nexcess hosting our site, which was Magento at the time. We have since switched to WordPress and stayed with Nexcess. Even then, we stayed with the same hosting plan for a while, and it worked well.

- Andrew T. on G2

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